Welcome to Summerlakes Church!

We hope that you enjoy spending time with us. Many people come to church because they need something more in their life – we believe the human heart is crying out to know its creator, the God of the Bible. If you haven’t met Him yet, please stay and talk to us over a cup of coffee or tea and we can explain who He is and how He would like you to know Him.

Or maybe you know God and are looking for a church family to belong to? At Summerlakes we welcome all ages. We have people from many different countries and cultures as well as local people who live nearby. You will be able to find a group of fellow-believers who will encourage and pray for you as you continue on in your relationship with God.

We pray that God has led you to the right place where you can use your gifts and talents to minister for Him and where you can be everything He has called you to be. We combine contemporary worship and passionate prayer with solid teaching from the Bible to make sure that we connect with God every week as we come together.