Summerlakes Church exists to encounter in the following ways:

  • With God – through passionate and contemporary worship, we will connect with the Father of all in praise and adoration, allowing His Spirit to lead us into the presence of God, where we can have a “God encounter”. Through personal and corporate prayer, Summerlakes Church will facilitate effective prayer to expand the Kingdom of God and to foster healthy personal relationships with the God of heaven and earth.
  • With each other – through small groups that will develop meaningful and supportive relationships with other believers, to build one another up; to encourage others along their journey of faith; to demonstrate practical love and caring in times of need; to partner in prayer for specific needs.
  • With the community – through meaningful and practical programs, Summerlakes Church will speak to the needs of the local community. Families, marriages, life goals, youth and children will all be areas where we can connect and support the broader community.

Acts 15:16-18, Phil 2:10, Ps 109:30-3, Ps 150


Summerlakes Church exists to equip in the following ways:

  • For ministry – to see all members fulfilling their God given destiny. Opportunities will be given to exercise gifts within connect groups, public meetings and leadership of Summerlakes Church.
  • For life – by providing key life principles taken from the Word of God covering areas including relationships, finances, personal ethics for the workplace/business,
  • For unity –  by gathering corporately to build up each believer from spiritual infancy to maturity, fostering unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

Rom 12:6-8, 1 Cor 12:12-27


Summerlakes Church exists to engage in the following ways:

  • Our region – bringing assistance through Community Care program, seminars that meet the needs of the community
  • Our state –  by partnering with agencies such as Teen Challenge WA, YouthCare
  • Our world – by actively ministering in, and bringing leadership to, churches in Sri Lanka. Support of first nation missionaries in Cambodia and partnering with organisations in other third world nations.

Matt 28:19-20