Foundational Texts

Gen 28:16-17, John 7:38 and Is 58:10-14


We serve an awesome God, the creator of heaven and earth. In our worship of Him; in our service for Him; in our love toward Him and in our prayer-life with Him we will be passionate, giving all that we have to Him. Ps 9:1 and Jer 24:7.


We are a church that is generous in giving, serving and in spirit. We will sow what the Lord has given to us into others, freely and with joy. Generosity is something that will flow from who we are – transformed by the power of God.  Lev 22:29, 2 Cor 9:6-8 and Ecc 11:6.


We are committed to integrity. In all our dealings, we will follow the highest ethical standards to ensure our stewardship of the resources entrusted to us. We are responsible before God, one another, and all people for our programs, relationships, personal lifestyles, and expenditures of time and money.  Ps 41:12  and John 1:47.

Psalmist Spirit

We will seek to worship freely and with all of heart, soul, mind and strength, the One who sent His Son to die for mankind. We will be a church that desires to sing a new song to He who sits on the throne. Transparency in worship, hearts laid bare before the King. Deut 6:5  and Rev 14:3.


We believe that we have a relationship with Jesus Christ that enables us to connect with people on a spiritual level. We see that personal relationships are a living and vital path of the Christian walk, both relationships with believers and with unbelievers. As a church we will endeavour to provide effective platforms for these types of relationships to prosper and grow. Acts 2:42, 46-47.


We believe that all believers have a personal destiny to be fulfilled in the Lord. We will be an equipping church – through weekly programs to see people reach their potential in God and to fulfil the vision that He has for them. Jer 29:11-14.


We are a Church committed to the gifts of the Spirit and the power of the Spirit. We recognise the need for the Spirit’s anointing and leading in our lives if we are to make a difference to our world. 1 Cor 2:1-5.

An Antioch Church

We will be a church that seeds other churches – we will send people to establish new beachheads for the gospel of the Kingdom. We will not wait until we have hit a specified size or structure; we will send out when we hear the call from the Lord. Acts 13:2-3.


We are committed to excellence. In our entire ministry, we will maintain standards of quality that reflect the excellence of the God whom we serve. The Lord gave His best for us, when we serve Him, nothing short of our best from a heart of service will be given. Luke 15:22 and Col 3:23-24.


We are committed to creativity. As bearers of God’s image, we are enabled to express his creativity in the world around us. We carry out this calling by means of innovative products and programs and through the use of new technologies that communicate God’s Word in culturally relevant and compelling ways. Ps 96:3.